Jill Storey | Exclusive Hearing

Jill Storey

Starting the first day of the rest of my life with invisible Oticon devices!

I have worn bilateral hearing devices for many years supplied by the NHS which is a truly wonderful service.

This year I achieved my life long goal at work and took my place on the senior management team running the branch and agency network for Hinckley and Rugby Building Society. I’ve worked for the Society for 19 years and worked in different areas of the business but have returned to where it all began back in the the branch network which I absolutely love.

During the last 12 months and being back in the customer facing environment role, I began to struggle hearing my colleagues and customers and asked for re-tests to see if my hearing had deteriorated. I was delighted to discover that it hadn’t changed from the 50% loss in both ears but frustrated that my life seemed so much more difficult. Even at home my wonderful supportive family were finding it difficult to have conversations with me and the TV became very difficult too.

All this was about to change when I attended my NHS follow up appointment and I asked the questions “What is the difference between my NHS devices and those advertised in the press”? The reply suggested that the NHS examples have develop over the years. However, cost would always be a factor so they are perhaps not at the leading edge of technology. This reply was about to change my life.

I discussed this with my family and they agreed that I should go ahead and arrange an appointment. I chose Exclusive Hearing as they originally had their shop within the Hearing Services Department of my local hospital. My consultation with Julie was all it took and I ordered the new invisible devices there and then.

My new life is amazing. I no longer fear the telephone ringing at work as I can now hear the conversation irrespective of the phone – mobile or landline. My everyday interaction with my team and customers is so much easier as I can hear what they are saying. At home I can hear the TV and enjoy watching a DVD. My family are of course delighted and have noticed that I can hear every word they say now, good or not so good!

Some people may feel or say that I haven’t changed but I know how low I felt and how much I missed out. I am so very happy now I can hear sounds I’ve never heard before and enjoy any situation from parties to meetings. I can wear my hair up and no one knows or can see my new devices. I can use headphones to listen to music at home and now in the gym.

I cannot express my thanks enough to Julie, her team and Oticon. My world is now completely filled with sound which has given me the confidence and made me so much happier. I now live life with passion and sound. Thank you!

Jill Storey
Branch and Agency manager.