£250 OFF
Oticon OPN

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OTICON RIA now available
from just £225


Ria will deliver improved speech understanding and the
ability to focus more clearly even in noisy and dynamic
environments, creating a more satisfying listening experience.

Oticon Opn Sound Experience

The first Internet hearing device proven
to make it easier on the brain

- Adjusts and balances all sounds around you

- Separates speech from noise

- Follows multiple speakers in the most

complex listening situations

- Full range of wider possibilities

Connectivity and Apps

Enjoy audio streaming directly from your iPhone,
iPad and iPod Touch to your hearing aids.

The Most Advanced Bluetooth
Hearing Technology

Turn your hearing aids into
a Superior quality headset

Worlds Smallest

Stylish, discreet and practically invisible

The new designRITE and Invisible In the Canal (IIC)
hearing aids will change how you think about hearing aids.
Smaller and more beautiful than ever, these models are
so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.

Book a FREE hearing test

Exclusive Hearing are offering a free hearing test to anyone who feels they are suffering from loss of hearing. It is our aim to provide affordable, high quality hearing devices to everyone who has loss of hearing. Our free hearing tests are available in our clinics all over the country, why live with loss of hearing any longer? Book your free test now!

Brain Hearing Technology

Powered by the Inium chip platform, Oticon Alta delivers 96% satisfaction for new and experienced hearing instrument users. This is a significant increase on the industry benchmark.


Opn – Award Winning Technology

Processes sounds 50 times faster giving your brain a complete soundscape. The result is greater mastery of your conversations with less effort.


Bluetooth Technology

Advanced bluetooth wireless connectivity with modern lifestyle devices.


Worlds Smallest

We are certain to have a hearing device suitable for you. From the world’s smallest in cosmetic appeal to that very finest in digital computerised technology.


Very pleased my Mum and dad chose Exclusive Hearing to have their hearing checked and fitted with Hearing Aids to suit their needs. Julie and her team are very professional, patient and understanding, they treated my parents with great care. Very pleased they can hear it has changed their quality of life. Would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Tina Chadwick, Leicester