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Oticon Siya

A quantum Leap forward for our Essential range.

Otion Siya will help you focus on the voice you want to hear, making it easier to follow conversations in many environments like restaurants – thanks to its superb sound quality.

Prices start at £2600 per pair.

Siya Unique Technologies

  • High-Rendition Sound – Oticon Siya will help you to capture the details in sound
  • Mulltiband Adaptive Directionality – Rapidly avoids interruptive noise sources
  • Noise Reduction LX – Designed to help you improve your speech understanding by providing a comfortable listening experience

Oticon Siya Accessories 

Oticon Siya will give you wireless connectivity to a wide range of devices such as smart phones, TVs and computers with high-quality streaming and low battery consumption.

A wide range of wireless possibilities include:

  • TV – Oticons TV Adapter 3.0 enables sound to be streamed from a TV directly to multiple pairs of Oticon hearing aids.
  • ConnectClip – Use ConnectClip as a remote microphone, turn the hearing aids into a wireless stereoheadset or use it as a remote control to adjust the volumes and change programmes.
  • Remote Control – Discreetly regulate the volume, switch programmes or simply mute the hearing aids at the touch of a button
  • Music – Enjoy music in both hearing aids in stereo. Stream directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or use ConnectClip with most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Computer – Create a wireless headset and chat over skype, Lync, Etc. Pair ConnectClip directly to the computer via Bluetooth or use Oticon’s BTD 800 USB dongle.
  • Landline phone – Answer calls that are made to a stationary telephone wirelessly. Phone adapter 2.0 attaches to the conventional telephone and streams calls to the hearing aids via ConnectClip.

Oticon On App

Discreetly control your hearing aids by allowing access for:

  • Volume and program

  • Boost your hearing

  • TinnitusSound Support

  • Hearing Filters

  • Find my hearing aids

  • Connection to the internet of Things Via IFTTT


Widex Evoke

Affordable Performance 

Affordable Techological Solutions 

  • Automatically adapts to your environment in different listening situations 
  • Helps you hear soft sounds and speech clearly. 

Widex Evoke Range

Widex Evoke is available in nine models that sit behind the ear and four models that sit in the ear. We can help you choose the ideal model for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

Models that sit behind the ear:

  • RIC 10
  • Passion
  • RIC 312
  • Fusion2
  • Fusion
  • BTE 13 D
  • Fashion Power
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Mini

Models that sit in the ear:

  • CIC-M
  • CIC
  • XP
  • IM/IP

Choose between thirteen colours for behind the ear models and three standard colours for in ear models

Prices from £2200 per pair

Widex Evoke Accessories 

Evoke will give you wireless connectivity to a wide range of devices such as smart phones, TV’s ad computers with high-quality streaming of sound.  

Evoke App

Guides you to personalised hearing

Refine your hearing in real life by listening to two sound profiles with the app and choosing which you prefer: A or B.

The more times you do it, the more EVOKE learns about how you want to hear at that moment.

You can then save your preferences as a program and use it next time you are in the same environment.

In addition the EVOKE App allows you to:

  • Mute or adjust hearing aid volume and use the equalizer to adjust sounds
  • Create personal programs with your own names, photos and sound adjustments
  • Add locations to programs and locate your hearing aid if lost.

The EVOKE app is for the EVOKE F2 smartphone-compatible model.

DEX Accessories – Connect, Control and Communicate

DEX accessories help you to effortlessly connect to audio equipment, remote controls, television and mobile or landline phones.

  • COM-DEX – For hands-free streaming
  • COM-DEX Remote Mic – For improved audibility in noise
  • RC-DEX – Your remote control
  • CALL-DEX – For discreet streaming from mobile phones
  • FM-DEX – For flexible streaming
  • UNI-DEX – For plug-and-play mobile phone use
  • TV-DEX – For enjoying TV
  • PHONE-DEX 2 – For easy landline use