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Hearing Difficulties? Live life in full sound: Experiencing difficulty following conversations in a group of people? About Us A Modern Home In the Heart of San Francisco, CA Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor  ut [...]

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Oticon launches new hearing aid!

Oticon has launched a brand new Hearing Aid! Opn S. Using the same brainhearing technology as the Opn but to a far superior level. The Opn S has broken the laws of physics with 45% better clarity in speech understanding a 15% increase on the Oticon Opn. Opn S allows the listener to hear sounds [...]

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Set the Stage to Suit Everyone

People often find themselves in environments that can be busy, noisy and distracting at Christmas and on other special Occasions. For some, these situations may be uncommon throughout the rest of the year and may be quite overwhelming particularly if they have a hearing loss. We hope that you find these simple yet effective tips [...]

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A new innovation from the pioneers of Brain Hearing Technology.

Industry leader Oticon has unveiled a new powerful, yet cost affective Hearing Aid. Oticon Siya The world’s first Hearing Aid in the Essential category with 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology. Excellent sound quality. Outstanding wireless connectivity. Comprehensive choice of Styles and Accessories.

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Design your own hearing

It couldn’t be easier for wearers to personalise their BEYOND™ app. The BEYOND app can be customised to adjust various sound settings and listening programs to suit their individual preferences. Settings can be modified with personal pictures and specific sound templates to be used in various environments – such as a favourite restaurant, when visiting [...]

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Widex Custom – Completely Redesigned

Every ear is different, but that doesn't mean every single one shouldn't enjoy the superior WIDEX UNIQUE sound. The new, redesigned WIDEX CUSTOM offers many new benefits for the user. Completely redesigned for a 40% smaller engine Engine size reduced by 40% which means more users can enjoy Widex CUSTOM UNIQUE Option for program button [...]

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Hearing Technology Timeline

BIHIMA designs Hearing Technology Timeline to celebrate first birthday BIHIMA has marked the first anniversary of its rebrand and name change with a timeline showing how far the industry has come in technological terms since hearing aids were first pioneered. The new online timeline available at reveals a story of invention and innovation that [...]

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