Advanced | Exclusive Hearing


Technology which automatically adjusts to your real-life needs and your real life environment.

So you don’t miss out on a single moment

Widex evoke unique technologies:

  • SoundSense Learn – uses a learn  by giving you two sound profiles to choose from. Simply listening to them you can select the sound you prefer as many times as you want giving you personalised sound.
  • SoundSense Adapt – uses adaptive learning to remember your preferred settings for each environment by remembering all the volume changes you make and intelligently applies them to similar situations.
  • Fluid Sound Analyzer – provides you with intuitive analysis of your sound environment in order to prioritise and select the most important sound sources.

Widex Evoke Knows:

When it’s noisy it will filter out anything that can distract from hearing speech. When in quiet situations it will help you to hear all the subtle details. 

How a meeting or family conversation sounds different from a party?

The difference between classical music and pop music. 

Evoke automatically reacts to your environment around you smoothly and in real time so you don’t miss a single moment. 

Widex Evoke is available in nine models that sit behind the ear and four models that sit in the ear. We can help you choose the ideal model for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

Models that sit behind the ear:

  • RIC 10
  • Passion
  • RIC 312
  • Fusion2
  • Fusion
  • BTE 13 D
  • Fashion Power
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Mini

Models that sit in the ear:

  • CIC-M
  • CIC
  • XP
  • IM/IP

Choose between thirteen colours for behind the ear models and three standard colours for in ear models

Prices from £2800 per pair

Special Offer: Get £200 Off (limited time only)

Widex Evoke Accessories 

Evoke will give you wireless connectivity to a wide range of devces such as smart phones, TV’s ad computers with high-quality streaming of sound.  

Evoke App

Guides you to personalised hearing

Refine your hearing in real life by listening to two sound profiles with the app and choosing which you prefer: A or B. The more times you do it, the more EVOKE learns about how you want to hear at that moment. You can then save your preferences as a program and use it next time you are in the same environment.

In addition the EVOKE App allows you to:

  • Mute or adjust hearing aid volume and use the equalizer to adjust sounds
  • Create personal programs with your own names, photos and sound adjustments
  • Add locations to programs and locate your hearing aid if lost.

The EVOKE app is for the EVOKE F2 smartphone-compatible model.

DEX Accessories – Connect, Control and Communicate

DEX accessories help you to effortlessly connect to audio equipment, remote controls, television and mobile or landline phones.

  • COM-DEX – For hands-free streaming
  • COM-DEX Remote Mic – For improved audibility in noise
  • RC-DEX – Your remote control
  • CALL-DEX – For discreet streaming from mobile phones
  • FM-DEX – For flexible streaming
  • UNI-DEX – For plug-and-play mobile phone use
  • TV-DEX – For enjoying TV
  • PHONE-DEX 2 – For easy landline use