Privacy Policy | Exclusive Hearing

Privacy Policy

This Policy sets out details of the information that Exclusive Hearing may collect from you and how that information may be used.
It will also provide you with:
1) Detailed overview of how we manage your data from the point of origin and onwards.
2) Details on how we use your data and how we comply with the law in doing so.
3) Sets out your rights in respect of your personal information, and how to exercise them.

1) Managing Your Data

The data we collect will include your general details such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • Point of contact
  • How our service was accessed.

We will use this information to:
a) Verify your identity.
b) Process orders. Only necessary information will be provided to the appropriate manufacturer for processing. (Third Party).
c) Future appointments.
d) Provision of other services.
e) Send details of future developments in the Hearing industry and any marketing material we feel will be appropriate.

2) Using your Data

We will not make available any of your information with regard to selling or marketing to any third party.

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that all data once received is kept in a secure manner.

Products purchased via card payments are processed through a third party who specialise in the secure online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions we will keep a copy of your transaction but we will not keep a copy of the CVV number.

3) Your Rights

You are entitled to the following under the Data Protection Law:
a) The purposes for which we use your personal information.
b) The type of personal information we hold about you.
c) Who your personal information will be shared with.
d) The length of time we expect to hold your personal information.
e) If the personal data we hold about you was not provided by you, details of the source can be provided.
f) Your right to ask us to amend or delete your personal data.
g) Your right to ask us to restrict or object to hoe your personal data is used.
h) Your right to be provided with a copy of your personal data.
i) Your right to stop the sending of marketing material or messages. We request that this is put in writing to the Head Office of Exclusive Hearing.
j) We take all possible steps to ensure that the information that we hold about you is accurate and complete. However if you believe that this is not the case you can ask us to update or amend it. We request that this is done in writing to the head office of Exclusive Hearing.