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My new life is amazing. I no longer fear the telephone ringing at work as I can now hear the conversation irrespective of the phone – mobile or landline. My everyday interaction with my team and customers is so much easier as I can hear what they are saying. At home I can hear the TV and enjoy watching a DVD. I cannot express my thanks enough to Julie, her team and Oticon. My world is now completely filled with sound which has given me the confidence and made me so much happier. I now live life with passion and sound. Thank you!
Jill Storey
When I went to Exclusive hearing i had already tried several different hearing devices, starting with the basic NHS ones and then two other brands. My problem with them was that the sound was so artificial. Running water sounded like breaking glass etc.

I explained this to Julie Pritchard who suggested Oticon Alta 2 device which she set up so that they only boosted the area of my hearing loss.

What a difference!! I can now hear natural sounds. Music is a very important part of my life, and Julie programmed a special setting in my devices to stop them making the automatic adjustments that are so useful in the speech mode. I can now hear the full spectrum of sounds in all forms of music.

This means that I am now hearing natural sounds in any environment that I come across.

Mike Fowler
My Oticon Opn’s are so much clearer that it feels like I have a brand-new pair of ears on.”
“I feel that Oticon Opn helps me better follow conversation in noisy places.”
“I can actually engage in conversation. I’m finally a part of the party!”
“I can hear all the conversations at the same time, and understand all of them. I can’t tell you how phenomenal this is.
Oticon Opn Users