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How Noise Can harm your Hearing

The intensity of sound is measured in decibel sound pressure level (dB SPL). A soft whisper might be no higher than 30 dB SPL while a firecracker might be as loud as 150 dB SPL. Sounds are considered harmful when they exceed 85 dB SPL.

The inner ear is home to a sea of tiny sensory cells and nerve fibres that pick up sound vibrations and turns them into electrical impulses from the brain to process.

Too many strong vibrations will damage those cells and fibres – and the more you lose, the worse your hearing will get. Broken cells and fibres cannot heal themselves so any damage will be permanent. This can take the form of Tinnitus, and/or noise-inducesd hearing loss.

If you have ringing in your ears, or are beginning to have difficulty hearing, then you need to seek advice.