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Widex Innovation

There’s a revolutionary moment awaiting you that’s built on an evolutionary heritage. Uncompromising attention to detail and dedication to the highest sound quality has always been part on Widex. Coming soon The worlds first hearing aid that lets you hear the world as it is. Backed by science, proven in tests, PREFFERED IN REAL LIFE https://youtu.be/sKyPOz15OAc [...]

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The world’s first truly smart hearing aid

Widex Evoke hearing aids from Exclusive Hearing aid clinic in Leicestershire Widex evoke This hearing aid has interactive options that help you intuitively shape your listening experience anytime anywhere. Widex evoke automatically adjusts to your real-life needs and your real-life environment. Hearing has evolved, ear every moment. Watch the video below for more [...]

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Hearing aids designed for Severe hearing loss

“The New Oticon Exceed” If you entirely depend on hearing aids then the Oticon Exceed will provide you with all the support you will require. With oticon exceed you get : • 360° access to speech with less effort • Outstanding clear sound with more detail • Prevention of annoying howling sounds • Easy wireless [...]

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Hearing Aids May Slow Down Dementia

Referring to a study conducted by the University of Exeter Medical School Wearing a hearing aid may delay dementia by slowing ageing of the brain by eight years. It has been suggested sensory nerves connected to hearing stop working properly if they are not stimulated. This can have the effect of triggering damage to other [...]

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Open your world with 360° Sound Experience

New technology in the award-winning Oticon Opn s hearing aid lets you experience hearing that open your world. You will benefit from : Hearing more than one person speaking at a time Advanced noise reduction system helping to reduce your listening effort Gives your brain access to the relevant sounds around you, putting you in [...]

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The hearing aid that opens up your world

Oticon Opn BrainHearing Technology       Enjoy better speech understanding Oticon Opn is proven to give you better speech understanding, with less effort, in noisy environments. You will be able to be socially active in the same situations as people with normal hearing. Studies show that Oticon Opn improves speech understanding from 20% to [...]

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Hard To Follow Conversations?

Do you work hard to follow conversation sitting at a dining table? If you don’t catch it the conversation moves on, and you get left behind. Discover BrainHearing technology by Oticon. Proven to : • Reduce your listening effort • Help you remember more of what is being said • Gives you better speech understanding [...]

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