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Why Choose Us

Reasons why you should choose Exclusive Hearing for your hearing care

  • We are an Established Independent Practice having served our customers for over 20 years in Leicestershire
  • Our independency means we can offer a high range of quality hearing instruments from all leading manufacturers such as OTICON, WIDEX, UNITRON, SIEMENS, RESOUND and PHONAK
  • Awarded platinum status for fulfilling Oticon’s accreditation criteria for outstanding customer care and best practice in audiology
  • Awarded Excellence Partner Status from Widex for our commitment to maintaining high clinical and industrial standards
  • We use award winning technology
  • With our comprehensive care plans we guarantee you will receive a high level of care and performance from your chosen hearing system
  • High percentage of repeat business
  • Outstanding 5 star reviews. Social proof of our dedication to the provision of personal care and service

We are Leicestershire and the Northwests leading dispensary practice specialising in BrainHearing, Oticons revolutionary new technology