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Company Philosophy

Exclusive Hearing was founded by Julie Pritchard, A leading Audiologist in the United Kingdom with many years of experience in the field of Hearing Loss and Audiology.

Recognized by the British Society Of Hearing Device Audiologists, we have a simple philosophy, to provide each customer with the best hearing at the lowest price possible. Due to our high standards we only recommend the highest quality hearing devices, giving each user a clearer and crisper sound whilst reducing the mental load on the brain.

Our process starts with you and one of our hand selected audiologists having a quick discussion about your hearing. After this discussion your audiologist will invite you to carry out a free hearing test in our state of the art hearing booth. Once the test is complete your audiologist will explain in greater detail the standard of your hearing and recommend the next steps for you to achieve crystal clear hearing.

Our aftercare department is filled with a team of enthusiastic individuals who will be willing to help you with the fitting of your hearing device or any other problems or queries you may have.

We strive on our clients ability to hear with ease.