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Oticon Alta 2

Prices from £1900


  • Soft Speech Booster
  • Speech Guard E
  • Spatial Sound Premium
  • YouMatic Premium
  • Free Focus Premium
  • Inium Sense Feedback Shield
  • Connectivity

Spatial Sound

Spatial Sound is based on a binaural wireless system. By preserving the natural characteristics of the signal from both ears simultaneously, this technology assists the brain in the process of organising, selecting and following sounds, resulting in easier access to speech in noise.

Speech Guard

Provides stable amplifications of the speech signal which will improve speech understanding even in complex sound environments.

Binural Synchronisation

Noise reduction and directionality are automatically aligned in both ears, creating consistent sound reception.

Wireless Connectivity

Helps to experience better connections with people, information and entertainment.
Phone communication – breaks down the barriers to phone communication. Incoming calls can be taken by simply pressing the dedicated phone button on the streamer, and the caller’s voice is streamed directly through the hearing instruments.

TV – TV sound is wirelessly transmitted to the hearing instruments via the streamer providing high quality listening. The volume of the TV for the rest of the family remains at a level which suits them.

Wireless and Cable Connection – allows connection to various audio sources wirelessly or with a jack plug.

Personal Computer – connect directly to computers so that audio is transmitted directly through the hearing instruments for clear , easy online conversation and listening.

Lapel Microphone – allows you to enjoy clear and private one to one communication in challenging listening environments with a range of up to 15 metres. Teleloop – the T – cord built into the steamer allows easy access to Teleloop systems in theatres, lecture halls and places of worship.

Remote Control – the streamer can be used as a personal remote for adjusting volume and programs for those who have dexterity problems.

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