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Award Winning Technology

Oticon Opn

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Award Winning Technology combines 5 advanced audiological features which provide:

  • 360° access to all conversations and sounds.
  • Location of sound
  • Lowering of background noise
  • Apps Connectivity.
  • Internet Connectivity

360° access to all conversations and sounds

Opn scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second to accurately identify speech and noise. Surround sounds are audible but not excessive.

Location of sound

Opn technology ensures that both ears receive information at a greater rate than conventional technologies, ensuring a consistent flow of information about the exact position of all sounds. Multiple speakers can be heard at the same time even in challenging environments.

Lowering of background noise

Opn attenuates:

– Excessive background noise.
– Noise coming from the same direction as the speech.
– Noise present between words.
– Clarity of speech is extremely enhanced.

Apps Connectivity

Opn hearing devices can be made into a virtual wireless headset by streaming conversation from practically any mobile phone.

Internet Connectivity

Through the IFTTT network Opn can control an endless range of devices used in everyday life.

Opn Sound Navigator

Opn Sound Navigator takes a pioneering approach to help you with your hearing loss navigate in complex and dynamic environments. The new revolutionary multiple speaker access technology ensures access to all speakers in a dynamic environment by employing an extremely fast three step process:

  • Your 360° environment is analysed more than 100 times per square second to identify the level, position and frequency of every sound.
  • The levels pf individual sounds are balanced according to your personal preferences so that the sound in focus is clear and other sounds are accessible but not dictating
  • Noise, including remaining noise between words is attenuated rapidly and effectively

Opn Sound navigator ensures a full, more balanced landscape improving your speech understanding even in complex and dynamic environments whilst at the same time preserving your mental energy.

Speech Guard

Speech Guard preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details for better speech understanding with less effort even in complex environments.

Spatial Sound

Spatial Sound combines a number of advanced technologies to provide a more precise spatial awareness to help you identify where sound is coming from.


YouMatic will ensure that the Opn Sound navigator delivers the optimised Opn sound experience and at the same time, produces the best possible speech understanding in difficult, noisy situations.

Soft Speech Booster

Improves Soft Speech understanding up to 20%, by increasing the access to the soft sounds that occur in most situations and conversations. Soft Speech Booster is personalised to ensure a fitting matched to your unique perception of soft sound for the best possible balance between details and comfort.

Internet Connectivity

The world’s first internet-connected hearing aid

Through a unique Oticon Cloud solution, Oticon Opn can be linked to the If, This, Then, That (IFTTT) network. This allows you to connect to and control an endless range of devices used in everyday life.

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