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Oticon launches new hearing aid!

Oticon has launched a brand new Hearing Aid! Opn S. Using the same brainhearing technology as the Opn but to a far superior level. The Opn S has broken the laws of physics with 45% better clarity in speech understanding a 15% increase on the Oticon Opn.

Opn S allows the listener to hear sounds as close to natural hearing than any other hearing aid. It allows you to do this in very noisy environments with much less effort.

The traditional Hearing Aid technology only allows you focus on 1 speaker at a time. With the Opn Brain Hearing Technology you can experience a 360 degree sound experience.

Oticon Opn S reduces your listening effort and has no whistling feedback. Designed with rechargeable lithium batteries and normal battery usage, it will give you a full 24 hours of use including streaming on just a 3 hour charge or just pop them onto the charging unit overnight. Forget to charge your aids over night? No problem. There is a quick charge facility that allows your hearing aids to charge in 30 minutes giving you a 6 hour wear time.


Just like with the Oticon Opn you can stream media and phone calls directly into your hearing aids. Giving you the highest sound clarity. Connection is made via Bluetooth with all Apple products. Not an Apple user then no problem. Oticon has a simple device that you can clip on to clothing or simply put in your pocket, allowing you to stream data and media through the device so you can enjoy the best listening experience. These Hearing Aids are also compatible with the Oticon ON app which you can download onto to any smart phone. Giving you full easy control in everyday situations.

Available in a variety of styles and colours, now is the time to take advantage of these amazing Hearing Aids.

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