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The Next Generation of Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While often described as a ringing or buzzing, Tinnitus may also sound like a clicking, hissing or roaring. The sound may be soft or loud, low pitched or high pitched and appear to be coming from either one ear or both. Most of the time [...]

Earplugs and Rock Concerts

In a 2015 entry to the International Journal of Audiology (Volume 52, Issue 12), Anouk Hofkens-Van den Jieun Cha, Simon R. Smukler, Yuan Chung, Ron House & Isaac I. Bogoch undertook an experiment through which they could compare the use of hearing protection among attendees of a Rock and Roll concert at baseline and those [...]

ConnectLine, Unparalleled Sound Quality for Life’s Many Opportunities

"ConnectLine is the ideal complement to Oticon hearing devices, empowering you to participate more actively in practically all situations." - Oticon ConnectLine is a series of devices designed to help the user connect with a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications, subsequently turning their hearing devices into wireless headphones. It enhances communication - face-to-face [...]

Danish Study Shows the Reduced Risk of Cognitive Decline When Wearing Hearing Devices

On October 29th in Smørum, Denmark, a new long-term study was released, showing results that suggest that wearing hearing devices reduces cognitive decline associated with hearing loss. Oticon believes that not only may this drive older adults with hearing loss finally seek professional care, but it may also give the general public, especially health-conscious older [...]

New Hearing Device to Unscramble Cocktail Party Commotion

A new generation of sharper hearing devices may be on the horizon after scientists at Duke University, North Carolina, have potentially solved the age-old 'cocktail party problem' of distinguishing between several voices or sounds being heard at the same time. For decades electrical engineers have being working hard to replicate the human ear and it's [...]